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COOK LIKE A COOL CUCUMBER! Cooking made easy!  We show you ways to cook like a cool cucumber. 

What does it mean to cook like a cool cucumber?

Cooking like a cool cucumber means cooking effortlessly. You put all your ingredients into the cooking vessel of choice and you walk away. You let the vessel do it’s thing and you return some time later to a wonderful meal of perfectly cooked food that is delicious. You present the food to your family and friends and everyone is surprised that you have produced such sumptous food. That is cooking like a cool cucumber.

With the right equipment and utensils, everyone can become a cool cucumber cook that produces such wonderful dishes that you will be amazed at yourself. Who doesn’t like to start their day with a tasty pastry or bake? Who doesn’t love a well made salad that can be prepared effortlessly? How about a perfectly cooked steak? Who doesn’t like to have their cake and eat it too? You can enjoy all these wonderful dishes and more, but how can you achieve this when all the ingredients are so different?

The key ingredient to cooking like a cool cucumber is to think outside the box. All of your skills are useful here. Cooking simply means combining various ingredients in a certain way that produces a well-flavoured meal. With the right tools and utensils-the secret is using them properly-you will create amazing food.



Itaki Pro Electric Lunch Box

The itakipro electric lunch box is a cooking lunch box. It delivers a better lunch to you by cooking from fresh ingredients while you are working at your desk. The itaki pro allows you to cook your meal at any time of day, providing you nutritious food that cost less than eating out. The Itaki Pro comes with an auto-shutoff feature that provides safety precaution. The metal containers are made of food grade stainless steel and are dishwasher, and freezer-compatible. With this innovative electric lunch box, you can prepare healthy meals on the go and enjoy those tasty homemade dishes at work or school.

HotLogic Mini Personal Oven

The HotLogic Mini is a personal oven that is made up of an insulated lunch bag with a hotplate inside. When plugged in to a power outlet, the hotplate heats up to about 165°F (74°C). This temperature ensures that most meats will get cooked in time and be safe for consumption. Depending on the thickness of the raw meat, it can take upwards of 2 hours to cook. Since the temperature is held at 165°F, food will not become overcooked even if left for many hours. This is the advantage of the HotLogic.